Our planned range of fashion menswear made from hemp

As we are building the eventual shop to sell online menswear made of hemp, we would like to post some of the really cool menswear items that we will be selling once the shop is up. Alejandro and I are very busy with our day to day lives and we are also trying to obtain permission from the Chilean government to be able to stock up on hemp derived materials as you need a special license here. We are fine in Buenos Aires as hemp products need not carry a special license and hence we can import from the United States and the Netherlands, but it’s not possible in Chile.

The following are the products that we are currently negotiating, although we will have more. Our online shop will be based in the United States but our goal is to also have a factory producing hemp menswear in Santiago de Chile.

Mens sandals

Comfortable sandals for men. Durable and keep the feet fresh.

Male sandals made from hemp

Sneakers for men

These are high quality sneaker for men made from hemp. Forget about Nike or Adidas, these hemp sneakers are casual and long lasting. For men who like to wear casual when the occasion calls for it.

Cool pair of sport shoes for men

Pair of mens sneakers


Male pants (short)

Short pants for casual situations that call for a polished look for a man. Great for summer occasions.

A pair of pants made of hemp for men

Casual sweater for men

A light sweater for men that is opened full with a zipper. Nice design made through the sewing. Comfortable and warm. Perfect for chill autumn evenings.

Hemp sweater for men

Casual shoes for boys

Long lasting and high quality casual shoes for boys. We will be importing all kids sizes.

Hemp casual shoes for boysT-shirt for men

Great summer t-shirt for men. High quality cotton blended with hemp to produce and fresh and comfortable mens t-shirt.

A cool t-shirt for men