The state of male fashion wear made with hemp

Hemp has been used for centuries when it came to clothing for humans. Ancient civilizations like the Mayans were among the first to make good use of hemp, it wasn’t just a hippie thing.

A shoe made from hemp in China

Hemp could be grown in the vast lands of the sub-tropical Americas and the plant itself was endemic to just about all of the Americas between the two tropics. Because of its strength and resistance to wear and tear, hemp clothing was a highly prized possession for which only kings and tribal leaders were capable of owning.

Over in East Asia, the kingdoms of China also used hemp to create textiles and garments which for men, were given to the soldiers as gifts from the kings for their bravery.

Hemp jacket for chinese soldier males

Hemp use in male fashion dies

Hemp being from a plant, lost its textile reign to wool and cotton which soon became the staple raw materials to use in clothing as well as 19th century male fashion. Curated leather was also used in shoes but it were the processed fibers that were used in mainstream fashion for men, as well as for women.

The industrial revolution favored the use of cotton especially which had been collected with immense effort from the slavery from previous centuries. The mechanization of cotton picking allowed for the menswear industry to boom, and hemp, costing more, had no real use.

Hippie men revive hemp use in menswear

Along came the 1960s with the 1970s and the use of cannabis increased to amounts per capita never seen before in the United States. The use of cannabis was part of the hippie sub-culture and hippie men started popularizing the use of hemp from the cannabis plant to make clothing. From there onwards hemp was able to carve its own little niche in menswear, and today, while still a very small market, we believe that hemp menswear still has a healthy market life and soon it will get even better with more specialized menswear companies jumping on board!

Here are two examples of menswear made from hemp. You can really get to see the level of sophistication than can be achieved with this earthy plant!


Mens sweater made of hemp

A mens long sleeved shirt made from hemp