fotografia mauricio

My name is Mauricio and I am currently a part time university student and business owner. I’m 36 years of age, which some people would say it’s a little bit late to be at university, but I’ve lived long and extreme during my twenties and it wasn’t until my mid-thirties that I was willing to take it to the books to learn. My current business is in the import and export trade, and I trade with the United States, Chile and Argentina. I also do some business with other American countries like Mexico, but my main business involves the United States and Chile.

I’m a hippie at heart, and I don’t say this in a condescending manner. Real hippies are a rare breed to find, any any new age hippies are just into it for the looks and to screw as many hippie women as possible. As a male hippie, I believe in using Earth’s raw materials in an ethical and sustainable way. One of the fantastic raw materials of Mother Earth is hemp, which is extracted from the cannabis plant and which is used to make clothes.

The name of this blog comes from the Spanish “Esta Maria”, which means “This Maria”. Maria is the informal word for marihuana in Spanish, in the same way that Mary Jane is used for marihuana in English. I also prefer short domain names, so I chose the shortened name of the blog to “sta maria”. Just like English speakers, we Spanish speakers like to shorten our words specially in informal talk!

My business as an import-export trader and my vocation as a hippie have sparked great interest in me to devote my efforts into the use of hemp in the male fashion and male beauty care markets. I am also currently covering the topic of mens hair and society as part of my university studies in Sociology, and I want to detail the link that bridges society’s view on male body hair and facial hair and the views of men towards their own hair.

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